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Here’s what our clients are saying about us!


Julie was an absolute joy to work with. She has an impeccable eye and an amazing ability to find the finishing touches that really pull a room together. She is incredibly creative and always had a solution (in fact, multiple solutions) for every challenging design problem we threw at her! She was very attentive to our preferences and budget, but also (gently) pushed us on a few things, which ended up being the design features we love the most. We are thrilled with how the project turned out and extremely pleased to have worked with Julie.

 We have worked with Julie for several years on our home and office. Let me just say that I have found no one remotely as talented as her in the Boston area. We moved here from Los Angeles, where there was a robust interior design community full of world-class talent — people who get that stuffy and sophisticated are two very different things — that ultimately sophistication is about fun, color, love, feeling, and delight. Boston felt like a desert to us in that domain until we found Julie. Not only is she the most wonderful caring, dedicated person to work with but she has a worldly — and I am not exaggerating to say — genius natural ability with color, form, spirit and integration. She speaks her mind. She doesn’t punt. She’s definitive and that has always given us great confidence as clients and the decisions have always turned out spectacular.​

Having worked with Julie in the past, I did not hesitate to contact her again when I bought my 2,600 sq. ft top floor apartment in Cannes. Julie oversaw the renovation from the US and worked with me during her visits to France. She did not hesitate to discuss ideas across a wide array of technical redesigns, including removing walls to open my kitchen into my dining/living space. From my kitchen, I can now enjoy the waterfront view! Julie has furnished my entire apartment with function, taste, and exceptional vision with color.

I am so grateful for her sophisticated eye, knowledge, and focus on what I was looking for. She is what made my apartment a home of my own.​




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